Mountassir Bouhadba, founder of MGI Group: the choice of a premium offer

It is true that each company decides on its positioning on the market. To know in which type of range, one wishes to exert its activity is essential to target its public and to direct its decisions according to the expectations of the consumers. The MGI Group has various branches, in various sectors.

As consumers, we always want the best. We want the best clothes, the best cars, the best phone and most of all the best quality of life possible. We always want more, but at a lower cost.  Of course, this also applies to the services we use. What is more important than our health, you might ask? When it comes to our bodies and our well-being, there is no price.

That’s why, when it comes to gym memberships, we look for a fitness club with the best options, top-of-the-line equipment and classes with experienced coaches. GIGAFIT gyms have since their creation in 2014, made the choice to offer their memebers the best conditions to come and train.

The MGI Group was born after the growing success of GIGAFIT gyms. This is partly due to the standards that GIGAFIT guarantees. Indeed, the brand makes a point of offering the best fitness club services.

What differentiates GIGAFIT from other MGI Group subsidiaries in terms of standing? The group proposes premium offers but what are they? How is choosing the MGI Group the same as choosing premium?

We are going to explain you in what the MGI Group is part of the premiums on the market:

Experienced coaches 

All GIGAFIT coaches are certified. GIGAFIT has chosen to surround itself with the best professionals. The experience and expertise of our sports professionals allows us to provide quality support to our members.

When you need advice or tips during your training or if you need to change your fitness program, the best coaches will be there for you. To support you in your weekly sessions but also to correct your posture or a movement that needs to be adjusted.

GIGAFIT franchise professionals are of the highest calibre, not only because of their certified degrees, but also because of a friendly approach that reassures and encourages class participants and machine users. GIGAFIT wants to bring the best to its members, and this starts with the human touch. The staff contributes to an atmosphere of solidarity and mutual aid, creating a cohesion similar to a big family. This is also what the premium offer is all about, having experienced coaches available and leading the classes in a jovial manner. 

The best equipment

All GIGAFIT branches have a high standard of equipment. It is important for the brand and for the members to be able to benefit from the best quality when it comes to the machines or equipment used during the classes such as mats, weights or bars. The quality of the machines is important in order to optimize one’s workout and not waste time adjusting sizes or weights.

 The MGI Group does not limit itself to the equipment in its gym when it comes to choosing quality. Indeed, in all the subsidiaries of the group, the premium offer is in force. With GYMFLIX, an online sales service for sports equipment, you are still offered the best choice.

The materials used are robust and resistant. You will find the right outfits to go to the gym, but also all the small equipment to train at home. Whether you need balls, dumbbells, jump ropes or yoga mats, you will find the best products on the GYMFLIX website.

Flexible and innovative options

Premium also means innovation and flexibility. Flexibility is luxury. The MGI Group has understood this and applies it in all its subsidiaries. The latest subsidiary, Milinus, reflects exactly that. It is a mobile application for fitness coaching. There is nothing more flexible to practice fitness when you want and where you want.

MGI Group has a clear vision of the future. Knowing how to rely on innovative and even revolutionary ideas like Milinus is a strong asset of the premium service they offer. Indeed, the application allows you to discuss with other athletes and exchange tips like a real social network of the sport.

There are videos and tutorials to train freely as you wish. Choosing premium also means having the choice to practice fitness as you wish. The Milinus application brings together all your needs and accompanies you wherever you go, it’s like having a fitness coach in your pocket.

High quality complementary products

If, like many athletes, you are one of those people who train almost every day, you need to watch more or at least your diet? MGI Group also offers the possibility of obtaining food supplements of the highest quality. Thus, the results of your efforts will be visible more quickly on your body to achieve the “summer body” you want.

The GF ONE brand, also a subsidiary of the MGI group, offers nutritional products for sale to promote muscle building, detoxification or rapid fat loss. Others can help you improve your performance and physical endurance. Of course, you can find all of these products in your GIGAFIT fitness club and also online, delivered to your address. It may be beneficial to choose to supplement your exercise program with nutritional products, but it is best to choose high quality nutritional products.

Quality infrastructures

All GIGAFIT franchise fitness centers have high quality facilities. The machines, floors, lighting and decoration are designed to create a pleasant environment for practicing sports. The locker rooms, the training rooms, and the reception are also spaces that have been thought out, arranged and optimized in order to make your workouts comfortable.

That’s not all, the GIGAFIT fitness centers also offer a pool area, a GIGA trampoline area as well as trampoline classes, a Cross’ Training area, a steam room and a sauna, squash courts and of course private coaching for personalized support.

The little extra of the GIGAFIT fitness centers is to always offer the possibility to choose the level of fitness you want. You can choose to finish a CrossFit session with a few laps in the aquatic area or to have a steam room after a yoga class. The facilities guarantee a certain standard in the image of the brand and the MGI Group.

As you can see, the MGI Group excels in all areas and offers the best range of fitness facilities. From gyms, to equipment, to nutritional products, to sportswear and even online coaching platforms; the MGI Group is by far at the top of the pack. In the fitness industry, the GIGAFIT brand has set the tone for excellence. The other subsidiaries of the group that followed have maintained the same level of quality.

From now on, the name MGI Group is synonymous with premium standards. If you want to benefit from these premium advantages and quality products offering subsidiaries.

MGI Group offers you a variety of options to suit your fitness routine. A gym membership, a new fitness outfit, an access to the sports coaching application and some adapted nutritional products. Visit one of the MGI Group’s websites to take care of your fitness!


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