Mountassir Bouhadba – a successful entrepreneur who built a fitness empire

GIGAFIT- What started as a single fitness club in France is now the largest fitness chain in the world.

Mountassir Bouhadba started his fitness dream at a very young age, making him one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the business world.

He is the founder of MGI (Mountassir Group Investment) which dominates the fitness world with its revolutionary concept and premium services.

MGI owns several subsidiaries, each of which dominates in its field of expertise. The GIGAFIT clubs and their franchises are at the origin of the group which has imposed itself in the fitness world.

The MGI group does not stop there, it also owns a personal fitness equipment company (GYMFLIX), a brand of textiles and nutritional products (GF ONE), a communication, support and development agency (GYM/MARKET) and a digital application for home fitness solutions (MILINUS).

GIGAFIT is constantly dominating the fitness world, especially with its new openings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, making it an unbeatable fitness franchise.

This tremendous success has made Mountassir a successful entrepreneur who continues to grow his clubs into the world’s leading fitness franchise.


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