There are two main types of entrepreneurs in life: those who succeed and those who fail. However, the secret to success is still relatively simple. Here are some general tips you can apply on a daily basis to grow and improve your business.


The greatest asset in business is patience. Wait for the right moment to take action. Lack of patience can hurt you, both personally and professionally. It takes time for your business to grow and develop. In the short term, your financial, human or material investment will be nothing. It takes weeks or months to start a business! The important thing is to never give up and to maintain a positive attitude.


A good daily organization will ensure the success of your project. You can use different solutions: classic agenda or online tools. To use your agenda, we recommend that you apply color codes. Divide your working time into different parts and use them for specific tasks. For example, set aside the first hour of the day to deal with your e-mail.  As far as online tools go, you have a choice: Trello and Google Calendar are very handy (and free).


When you think “business”, the first thing you think of is “investment”, whether it’s in the form of personal capital injection or big bank loans, so you have to pay back debts. The second striking idea is the concept of experience, which is awkwardly confused with age.

Especially in France, the average age of people in management positions is 45. The third idea, especially in France, stems from the first two ideas. It is conveyed by a kind of environmental pessimism and considers that actively creating your own business is a very big risk, which can harm your social and personal life.

However, history tells us that people with large amounts of capital have seen their businesses fail; entrepreneurs who started from scratch in the past have now become the rulers of multinational companies.

There are many millionaires under the age of 30 who are able to come up with innovative projects and use their expertise; for some, there is only a desk, a computer and an idea to start with, no funds or loans. Management is an integral part of the venture, and it can also be a rich family decision for a couple; why consider the possible problems instead of focusing on the nature and excitement of the project?


To succeed, you must first believe in yourself. An optimistic and positive view of your potential will help your entrepreneurial journey and help you face danger. Becoming a confident entrepreneur means combining a strong will to succeed with the ability to overcome difficulties, while maintaining a clear understanding of the decisions to be made. Be assured that self-confidence will be cultivated and strengthened throughout your entrepreneurial career.


When an entrepreneur realizes that his values are reflected in specific actions, he is in a true position. Consistency between who we are and what we do is essential to make sense of the process and communicate. This is particularly important when you want to federate clients and professional networks.


As we all know: an entrepreneur doesn’t count the hours he works. However, this is a big mistake. Less work will motivate you to increase your efficiency and boost your business.

Above all, the professional domain should not invade your personal life. When a project takes up too much space, you won’t have enough distance to develop it.


The fear of failure is sometimes deeply rooted. Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of it, or at least to tame it.

Fear of failure often stems from self-esteem issues. Accepting that letting go is the best way to rethink success, it is not a problem, but an opportunity.


Happiness inspires the possibility of success in business because it brings a sense of accomplishment. Happiness is the true fuel of your motivation. It gives meaning to your actions, improves your work efficiency and helps you reduce stress.

Never forget your goals:

Your reason for becoming an entrepreneur? This question should resonate in your mind every day. Its answer will determine your initial motivation. These will serve as your fuel, your booster.


One of the main secrets is the resilience of entrepreneurs. You may encounter setbacks, but your willingness to overcome them will make all the difference. It will eventually put you on the road to success. Don’t get discouraged, let yourself be surrounded by a network of competent professionals or business leaders who know how to be a true supporter. Because being resilient is not about fighting alone in adversity, but knowing how to accept failure and humbly question yourself in order to move forward again.


Becoming an entrepreneur is an opportunity to work in a field that interests you. However, running a business requires skills that you may not have. By delegating tasks to your employees, you can refocus on your strengths. It’s good to know that stepping out of your comfort zone will only be beneficial to the success of your business.


Maintaining a good relationship with your competitors is a real asset. They can give you a lot!

Don’t forget that they were working in the same sector and followed the same steps as you. With them, you can discuss all aspects of your industry. There is no competitive spirit in this, but a certain complementarity. By aligning yourself with your competitors, you will become stronger.


In France, as in most of the world, failure in the entrepreneurial life is an obsession for promising young people.

On the other side of the Atlantic, failure is a rich and inevitable experience, so that people who have never experienced failure are less likely to reach positions of responsibility than those who have experienced failure. Believe in yourself, dare to follow your own ideas and never give up are the common mentality of all successful entrepreneurs.


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